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valuable Italian yarns, each creation a work of art



valuable Italian yarns, each creation a work of art

CASAGRANDE  filati nobili, is a wonderful and unic travel of italian fashion and its luxury yarns: cashmere, angora wool, alpaca wool, yak, silk, merino wool and many others, selected from the best in the world.

CASAGRANDE filati nobili e naturali, produces Made in Italy which tell the italian spinning story, known as the best of the world because only in Italy the yarn quality reaches the level of exelence. For each season,
CASAGRANDE proposes new collections in several choice of colours, compositions and titles, always of the perfect italian syle.



CASAGRANDE filati nobili, are the best raw materials: cashmere, silk, merino wool, angora, alpaca, yak, selected between the best of the worldwide.

CASAGRANDE filati nobili e naturali, works with exclusive raw material only, with insuperable features, achieved by natural procedures which make the same yarn safe and durable for long time. CASAGRANDE enhances the thousand years story of working with yarn. Italy is the country where the working yarn level reached the maximum of excelence as for example in combed merino wool and carded alpaca wool.

valuable Italian yarns, each creation a work of art



valuable Italian yarns, each creation a work of art

With CASAGRANDE filati nobili, cashmere, silk, merino wool, angora, alpaca, yak, you can give space to your creativity and make unic your style.

CASAGRANDE filati nobili are a security for the one who wants to create exclusive and luxury items, comfortable and unic between each other. Materials which give soul and personality to each fashion masterpiece, make present its  beauty and enhance the functionality, thanks to the special features of the selected yarn. A several choice of materials, titles and colours wich will bring you to create exclusive and eternal clothes items to make you feel unic and original.





100% Extrafine Merinos


Classic. Sheeps (merinos) from which this wool is yielded (merino wool) have developed particular characteristics, superior to those of other species in a way that makes this wool unique. The largest livestock farms of this breed, originally native of Spain, are now found in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. Merino wool stands out from all other types of wool for its exclusive properties: it is very white, resistant, bright, naturally elastic, especially soft, slightly wavy, and has a compact structure that makes it especially suitable for high quality knitting yarns. The micronation of the fiber is one of the most important elements which determine the quality of a wool. The “extrafine” quality can be reached only with fibers of less than 19.5 microns. In Italy the spinning industry has specialized in the fibers’ combing technique.

ferri    3 – 3,5   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 125 m 



80% Angora


Angora 80. Angora’s fur is certainly the lightest – and, at the same time, the warmest – among animal fibers. Being on its own also a rather fragile fiber, blending it with other material becomes necessary and functional towards giving the product durability and resistance. That of 80/20 becomes an ideal proportion, which enhances the softness and lightness of the fiber, while still guaranteeing the durability and overall quality of the final product.

ferri    3 – 3,5   •   25 g ℮   •    ± 112 m 



30% Cashmere

70% Lambswool Superfine


Cash Tweed. A precious yarn, composed of a single twisted yarn. The discontinuity of thickness and color will give the finished garment a “tweed” effect, although with superior softness and lightness compared to standard tweed. The high cashmere percentage ensures a softness and lightness that will reach its full potential only after the first wash, further enhanced by the combination with lambswool, the most similar to cashmere among all animal fibers in terms of structure, micronage and thermoregulatory properties. Ideal to face the coldest of winters.

ferri    3 – 3,5   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 150 m 



90% Yak

10% Lambswool Superfine


YAK 90. The properties of Yak fur are currently considered the most complete among all wools: it is up to 40% warmer than sheep’s wool, comparable to cashmere in terms of softness and lightness, and its rate of breathability and absorption of humidity is the highest among all animal fibers. To further enhance its preciousness, this yarn comes to us straight from the hands of Himalayan herders, working in farms of small dimensions, using natural methods with low environmental impact.

ferri    4 – 4,5   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 140 m 



34% Baby Alpaka

6% Fine Merino Wool

8% Lurex


Venezia. A single ply fantasy yarn with a noble composition, further adorned with silver and gold lurex inserts. The blowing technique allows to reach a considerable thickness, while maintaining the lightness and softness typical of only the finest brushed threads. The result is an excellent yield on the finished garment, which appears impalpable, soft, while at the same time more covering as compared to standard brushed yarns. Alpaca ensures the thermal properties, while the viscose contributes towards structure and shine, making this yarn suitable for both winter and mid-season garments.

ferri    5 – 6   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 130 m 



44% Baby Alpaka

32% Fine Merino Wool


Portofino. A “blown” yarn with a noble composition, embellished by the flecks of contrasting colors. Excellent weight-volume ratio, which allows an excellent yield on the finished garment and gives the work incomparable lightness and softness. With its prevalence of alpaca and merino on the one hand, and the “airiness” conferred by the blowing technique on the other, this yarn is suitable both for winter clothing and for lighter and springer garments. The name of the Portofino yarn was given because it recalls the variety of colors of the famous and colorful Ligurian village.

ferri    4 – 4,5   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 175 m 



26% Alpaca

4% Fine Merino Wool

70% Viscose

Elba. A yarn of great visual effect, thanks to the glowing look of the dense viscose core. At the same time, the finer and more noble fibers of baby alpaca, brought to the surface by the blowing technique, will create the effect of an insubstantial halo surrounding the finished garment, and immediately convey a feeling of warmth and softness when in contact with the skin. Ideal for spring projects or precious inserts.

ferri    4 – 5   •   50 g ℮   •    ± 110 m 

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